Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ground school finished, and my instructor is leaving.

Ground School:

Tuesday night was the last night of ground school, we've spent the last couple of week reviewing everything and doing some example tests and exercises.

I've learned a tremendous amount, which is pretty amazing considering that I've had very little time to study outside of class. I hope to take the TC written test right after Christmas, so this will give me about six weeks to study, including the Christmas break.

My Instructor:

I've known for about a month now that my instructor (Paula) was leaving, she has decided to move to Ottawa for personal reasons. I'm sad to see her go, as we seemed to get along pretty well and I was looking forward to our winter flying lessons.

I had some minor reservations about her at the beginning, when I met her for the first time (only because she was young), but she turned out to be an excellent instructor, both in the classroom (groundschool) and flying.

I'm sure she going to do great wherever she goes, and if she continues to teach, her students will be lucky to have her as their instructor.

I wish her all the best.


At 10:22 AM, Blogger Dave said...

Change is hard. I asked my instructor if he planned to be around for awhile, or if his aspirations were to leave after he had enough time for the airlines.I didn't want to get half way through and have to change. It is really difficult to find an instructor who plans to instruct! Good luck.



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