Sunday, November 27, 2005

Another weekend gone.

I had hoped to go flying on Sat, unfortunately the aircraft had been booked until 3 PM and I'd planned to take the family to the annual christmas parade at 4 PM. So Saturday was shot.

So my "Plan-B" was to go up today, but the weather didn't coorperate. The winds were good but we had broken clouds at 1,800 and not much of a horizone, so today was a flop too.

I dropped into the the airport this afternoon, which is only 2 KM from my house, and spoke with my instructor about going up tomorrow afternoon (Plan-C).

The forecast looks promising so I'm hoping to wrap things up early at the office and go flying around 2.

I'm going to get back into the books tonight and start studying for the TC PP exam. I finished ground school a couple of weeks ago and haven't touched my books since. I figure I'll have the required 10 hours flight time in by the end of the Christmas holidays and I'd like to write the first week Jan.


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