Friday, December 09, 2005

Weekend flier

Last weekend I didn't get a lesson in. Saturday was out due to the weather and on Sunday it was pretty windy, but perhaps still flyable. (A constant 15-20 kt wind directly down runway 28).

Early Sunday afternoon I mentioned to my wife that perhaps I might be able to get a lesson in, she "suggested" that we do something as a family instead... so we went skating. That's ice skating for my American readers. ;-)

I help coach my six year old son's hockey team so we (my son and I) spend a few hours every weekend on the ice, and skating is something we do alot of as a family... it's certainly a heck of alot cheaper than going to a movies these days.

This week I was pretty busy so I couldn't do a make-up lesson like I did last week.

I just checked the forcast and Saturday is looking good, I'm going call my instructor and book a lesson right after I publish this blog entry.

I'll keep you posted.


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