Thursday, December 28, 2006

Non Flying holidays

I have to tell you I have never seen things line up so badly and for so long. The east coast has been under a perpetual overcast for the past month. One day it will be sunny in Charlottetown but not at the other airports, and then vise versa. Not to mention it has been very windy as of late as well. There has been lots of days where we could have done some local flights but we need at least a 6,000 ft ceiling to fly to our XC destination airports located in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

I have been trying to juggle my schedule and my flight instructor's, then toss in a terrible stretch of weather and there you have it, almost a complete month of trying to get a XC done. One afternoon it looked like a go but at the last minute Dave had to call it off for personal reasons. Hopefully as winter finally sets in and the temp go down to seasonal values we'll have more sunny days where the winds aren't 20 knots.

On a personal note, since I have nothing to post about flying. I'd like to let my readers know that my wife and I had a beautiful baby girl this past September, we named her Rebecca.

I am also coaching my son's hockey team again this year, and we're in the middle of a Christmas break hockey tournement. So far we've got three wins and no losses, my son Brechan has averaged slightly more than 4 goals in each game, he is very talented. (Since nearly everyone pronounces his name wrong when they read it the first time, I should point out that the ch in his name makes a "k" sound.)

Happy New Year everyone,

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Love this weather...

My cross country was cancelled again, the ceiling was at 3,ooo ft and the winds were gusting up to 24 kts.

I spoke with Dave this morning to confirm the cancellation, he said that he has a few students now all waiting for the weather to improve to get their cross country's done. I had him book both days for next weekend, hopefully one of them will be nice.

I also read in the paper on Friday that this past November was the warmest November ever recorded on Prince Edward Island. A float rating might be a good idea soon!

Dec 10th Update:

Not much sense creating a new entry to to say the same thing. The last two weekends have been crap as far as cross countries go. So I'm going to keep an eye on the weather and see if I can't get out during the upcoming week.

Dec 16th Update:

No flying yet. It seems like it has been cloudy for weeks. There has been a few days where it would have been fine for some local flights but when I checked the weather at the other airports they had low cloud bases. I just checked the forcast for the nest few days and it's not looking good.

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