Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Weather blues

Went to the airport on Saturday and did the prebrief for my next lesson, "Flying for range and endurance". We had an overcast of about 2.000 feet that looked like it might lift a bit but it didn't, so we decided to hold off on doing the lesson and wait until the weather improved. Monday afternoon was flyable (overcast at 8,000) but I couldn't get away from the office.

Now we're suppose to get a storm tonight that will continue until tomorrow with high winds and about 20 - 25 cm of snow (10 inches), so the next couple of days look dismal as well.

The forcast for Friday looks promising... I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed. I can't fly this weekend as I'm on duty at the firehall Saturday and Sunday. (With my luck I bet Friday will suck and it will be beautiful all weekend).


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